What time is it? Animaclock answers the perpetual question with an interactive animation. It does what every clock should do: tell you the time in an aesthetic way, remind you of important events, and challenge you to think about the nature of time.

Animaclock also gives you the opportunity to express your creativity by providing open source code examples to teach you how to create your own animated clock styles (or "fonts" as we call them) in JavaScript.

We hope you think of Animaclock the next time you need a quick and/or awesome alarm clock or timer online. We are currently working on implementing a world clock and more dynamic interactivity.

For questions about font creation, or for suggestions or thoughts about the website, please email animaclock@gmail.com or use the comments form.

If you would like to support Animaclock, please click the donate button! We're not making enough to keep up with the cost of running the site :)

- Jonathan and Ronnie

Click here to view the Animaclock gallery of different clock styles.

FYI: To learn about Graph-Based Visual Saliency by Jonathan Harel, click here


Visit www.animaclock.com/harel/share/gbvs.php