jonathan harel

Jonathan Harel

Computation & Neural Systems

Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125
jonharel at <google's free email service>


I began my academic research with an interest in generalized belief propagation, under the supervision of Prof. Robert J. McEliece. I then took an interest in machine vision and in particular saliency models with Prof. Christof Koch. My PhD thesis focused on face perception and representation in visual cortex, a project carried out with Prof. Ralph Adolphs.


  • Ph.D., Caltech, 2012
      Thesis: Neural Pattern Similarity and Visual Perception
      Advisors: Profs. Christof Koch and Ralph Adolphs
  • M.S., Caltech, 2006, Electrical Engineering (GPA 3.8)
  • B.S. with Honor, Caltech, 2003, Electrical and Computer Engineering (GPA 3.9)


Some websites I created:

  • with Ronnie Bryan as chief font designer, animaclock: online clock
    a customizable animated clock

  • with Demetri Spanos, efoodi
    a food site with semantic search.
Some friends with webpages (in the order I met them): Random: